"I used Curava under my eyes and immediately felt my skin tighten. It really smooths out the fine lines and feels like it is filling them in. I have previously tried other products claiming to do the same thing but have found they leave a dry white residue. Curava is slightly tinted and more moisturizing and doesn't have this issue. Love it!" - Hillary C.

"Curava absolutely worked for me. My husband said I look beautiful, and that’s not something he says every day. It absolutely did the job. It got rid of my crow’s feet." - Lauren P.

"The first time I used Curava, I was amazed at the results. I said, I’ve got to get myself a 50 gallon drum of this stuff. I’m in sales and being able to look a little neater, have less lines, look a couple of years younger is not the most terrible thing on the planet. Curava’s given me a competitive edge and I tear my younger competition apart." - Rick S.

"I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of wrinkles and lines and I just gave up, until I discovered Curava. I was amazed at how fast it worked and I was in shock, but it was a good shock because I felt like I looked 10 years younger." - Silvana J.

"The first time I used Curava I was absolutely stunned, the lines on my forehead immediately disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. I’m a guy but I’m a little vain and I want to look good too. Curava makes me look the best that I can." - Richard B.

"I was pretty surprised at how quickly it erased the lines that I thought were pretty deep. I wasn’t sure that something temporary would work like that. It’s youth in a bottle." - Ami S.

"Minutes after I used Curava, it was literally an instantaneous transformation. I looked years younger. My eleven was no more, my frown lines were gone and my laugh lines weren’t deep anymore. I was very surprised how Curava erased and that’s a really important word, because it really does erase the lines from your face. I was really just blown away. Curava is a time machine." - Lorenzo B.

"I was utterly shocked at how quickly and how thoroughly my lines were gone. Almost like magic. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. It looked as though I had airbrushed myself. It just completely softened all the harsh lines I am so embarrassed about. Now with Curava, I look in the mirror and look as young as I feel. I’m so thrilled." - Christine R.